Sony Adding (Some) PS4 Games To PlayStation Now Streaming Library

A few weeks after Microsoft announced it would offer a new monthly subscription that includes access to downloadable Xbox games, rival Sony says it’s expanding its PlayStation Now library to include some PlayStation 4 titles.

In addition to the 483 PS3 games currently in the library, an unnamed number of PS4 games will be available to stream to PS4 consoles or PCs, writes a PlayStation Now executive.

The new feature will start with a private test — if you have an active subscription, you may receive an email — before launch. As for when that will happen, it’s unclear: The PlayStation blog notes only that they’ll “share more information as we get closer to launch.”

As for the inability to download games, Sony spins this is as a positive, touting cloud streaming technology that lets users start playing any game in the catalog quickly “without needing to wait for downloads.”

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