Maybe You’re Better Off With 2 Fewer Ounces Of Nesquik Chocolate Milk, But It’s Still Sad

Nesquik’s single-serving bottles of chocolate milk are caloriffic treats, but they go well with a grilled cheese sandwich and… well, with pretty much anything else, too. Raegan went to pick up a few bottles for herself and her co-workers for what sounds like a delicious morning at the office, and discovered that Nestle had shaved a few ounces off the full pint. Noooo!

Here are the original bottle and the slightly smaller one she found, and then the




This morning I went to Walgreens to buy chocolate milk for myself and some coworkers and I saw that the Nesquik selling for $1.89 had both 16oz in one bottle and then 14oz in all of the bottles behind it. I asked an employee and they said the company had new packaging and was changing the size to 14oz.

You can see the bottle is slightly smaller, but we got a kick out of how the serving size when from “2 servings” on the 16oz bottle to “about 2 servings” on the 14 oz bottle.

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